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Python GUI Programming

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Python GUI Programming

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Python GUIs with TkInter and Python MegaWidgets


Tkinter review

  • Dimensions, fonts and colours
  • Cursors and borders
  • Basic widgets
  • Widget configuration
  • Command procedures
  • Menus
  • Standard dialogs
  • Window management

Geometry Managers

  • The Grid Geometry Manager
  • The Pack Geometry Manager
  • The Place Geometry Manager


  • Callbacks
  • Binding
  • Timers
  • Background procedures


  • Modal dialogs
  • Modeless dialogs
  • Keyboard navigation

More Complex Widgets

  • Listboxes
  • Scrollbars and Scale
  • Menus
  • Image widgets
  • The Text Widget
  • Clipboard operations


  • The Canvas widget
  • Canvas operations
  • Graphics objects
  • Scrolling
  • Canvas events

Python MegaWidgets (Pmw)

  • Pmw structure
  • Replacements for standard widgets
  • Specialised widgets
  • Creating new mega-widgets


Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language with a simple syntax and cross-platform support. Python is extensible and new built-in modules are easily written in C or C++.

This course builds on the Programming in Python course to encompass GUI programming using Tkinter and related modules. The workshops are based on real-world examples of Python applications.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Tkinter concepts
  • Write event-driven graphical applications
  • Use the Tkinter geometry managers
  • Create custom dialogs
  • Use advanced Tkinter widgets
  • Produce graphical output
  • Use Python MegaWidgets


This course is for programmers, testers, web developers and system administrators who wish to extend their Python skills in order to create real-world graphical user interfaces.


Participants are expected to be familiar with Python up to the level covered in the Programming in Python course.